Befaco Revamps Rebel Tech’s Klasmata, Phoreo, Logoi & Stoicheia Modules

Befaco Revamps Rebel Tech’s Klasmata, Phoreo, Logoi & Stoicheia Modules

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Befaco and Rebel Technology, one company from warm Barcelona, the other from rainy London. Since the release of the Lich module, which is the successor of the OWL module, both have been working closely together.

Today, both companies celebrate the comeback of four best-known modules: Klasmata, Phoreo, Logi, and Stoicheia. They now comes with a new black interface topped with black and red Bananuts.

Befaco Rebel Tech


Stoicheia is a dual Euclidean sequencer that algorithmically generates rhythmic sequences from an input trigger signal. Three knobs and a single switch control each sequence. The input parameters to the algorithm are sequence length and fill measured in clocks or beats.


Logoi is a voltage-controlled clock divider, counter, and delay. It is capable of adding life and movement to any trigger signal, from a subtle swing to crazy, complex, and intricate rhythms. The functions of Logoi are split with division on the left, and addition on the right. The right side operates either in Counter mode, by adding clocks, or Shuffle mode, by adding a time delay. The mode is set by the center switch.

The module has CV inputs and trigger outputs for each side, and a combined trigger output (centre bottom jack) which gives the output of both operations; divide and add.


Klasmata is a voltage-controlled Euclidean sequencer with up to 32 steps with the ability to create complex patterns. With voltage-controlled sequence length and fills, Klasmata can transpose, shift and modulate rhythmic patterns at up to audio speeds. Further, you have a normal and a toggling operating mode like in Stoicheia.


Phoreo Is a triple function processor for triggers, gates, and clocks. It simultaneously generates pulse width modulation, multiplications up to 16, and repetition generates a burst of triggers (repetitions 1-16). Then, it has individual input, output, and CV for each function. Each function has two knobs for manual and CV level, and three jacks for trigger input, CV input, and trigger output.

The module gives you the option to combine multiply and repeats and thus use the module as a versatile generator for bursts, rolls, rolls, and fills. You can also use it for master clock doubling, clock modulation, and more.

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